A Bulgarian company will receive funding for an innovative project in the field of robotics

A Bulgarian company will receive funding for an innovative project in the field of robotics

06.01.2022 Off By Bulgarian Digital Cluster

High Performance Creators (HPC) is one of the five companies selected under the first open call for funding of SMEs with project proposals in the field of cognitive robotics, conducted in the spring of 2021 under the project VOJEXT, which is implemented with the participation of BCCI . The Bulgarian company offers innovative solutions in the fields of clean and renewable energy, automation in industry and home, “smart” agriculture and others.

HPC is among the winners along with SMEs from Italy, Cyprus, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Each of the companies offers a solution to one of the 5 technological challenges related to the implementation and application of the robotic arm (cobot) developed within the project. The projects are aimed at solving challenges in the areas of virtual reality, construction, navigation and others.

For the implementation of their projects, the winners will receive funding totaling 230,000 euros. In addition to financial assistance, the awarded projects will receive expert support from international mentors to implement their ideas. A list of the awarded companies, their short profiles and the respective technological challenges can be found here.

The second open call under the VOJEXT project, also aimed at SMEs, is expected to be launched in June 2022. It provides for a total funding of € 620,000 for the pilot implementation and experimentation of the developed cobot. As the coordinator of the information and communication package of the project, BCCI will continue to disseminate information about the upcoming call and other opportunities to participate in the planned project activities.

The latest news, information about upcoming events and project activities can be found on the website https://vojext.eu/


The VOJEXT project (Value Of Joint EXPERimentation in digital Technologies for manufacturing and construction) has a duration of 42 months and is implemented within the Horizon 2020 program. The main goal of the project is to encourage SMEs to faster implementation of innovative technological developments in production processes. To this end, the project partners will develop a new generation of autonomous and cognitive (cognitive) robots (so-called cobots), which are controlled and monitored by a cyber-physical system that allows effective planning and control of the production process.